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HAKOBA Sarees offers a brand new range in its collection

HAKOBA Sarees offers a brand new range in its collection

After 17 years in the making of a household brand in sarees, the world over, HAKOBASarees is pleased to announce the transformation of its headquarters in New York. For 17 years HAKOBASarees has humbly operated out of its modest abode at Times Square in New York City. Modest it has been, in that it has been hidden on the 15th floor in a pre-war building on 40th street near Times Square. There is no name plate on the building. but word-of-mouth prominence has brought the HAKOBA  name travelers from as far as New Zealand, Malaysia, Kenya, Dubai, UK, Canada and of course every corner of India and the USA. Customers have come in plenty, some for the first time with hand-written address and direction clips from friends and relatives who have visited the store seeking the world famous cotton and chiffon sarees.

The 15th floor showroom in New York has been blessed by people from all walks of life including some of the rich and famous (like the Ambanis, the Malias, Pandit Jasraj, famous doctors and lawyers and businessmen from India).
The new location and design of the showroom has plenty of sitting room for convenience and facilities for physically handicapped and senior citizens (grandmothers especially).
HAKOBA Sarees glittering and outstandingly designed new showroom with a contemporary look is ready to welcome all.
The new 4th floor showroom is conveniently located in the same building at 264 West 40th street with an excellent view of TIMES SQUARE, PORT AUTHORITY . With the grand opening of our new showroom on the 4th floor in 2005, FUJIYAMA Fabrics is introducing a whole new line of HAKOBA sarees for the holidays:

SATIN PATTA - cotton
HAKOBA sarees with satin ribbon
ANARKALI - a new line of
HAKOBA Classic on net fabric and metal chiffon and Simrin fabrics
RAINBOW METTALIC - rainbow metallic in chiffon
For more information on HAKOBA Sarees, Inc please visit their showroom at
264 W 40th Street, Showroom # 401, 4th Floor
New York, NY 10018

Hakoba Sarees Inc. a New York based company, is the only company in the USA that specializes in the complete process of Design, Creation, Manufacturing and Marketing HAKOBA SAREES ships this unique product to the world. Mukesh Shah stands behind each of the outstanding design and color combination of HAKOBA SAREES is originally created by Mr. Mukesh Shah.