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The beauty of hakoba sarees


News India-Times
September 11, 1998
The Beauty of Hakoba Sarees
NEW YORK : Fujiyama Fabrics, Inc. a New York based firm has added another feather in its cap by specializing in manufacturing Hakoba sarees, a special knitted variety suitable for both summer and winter wear, making it the only firm manufacturing hakoba sarees in the United States on a large scale , Mukesh (Raja) Shah , Chief executive officer of Fujiyama Fabric said.
It is the only fabric firm which markets its Hakoba and other products through mail orders nationwide and in India. Using the services of UPS it does not charge any money in handling & shipping in the United States. Encouraged by the response received here and abroad , Shah said that his company is now planning to go global accepting orders from all over the world by email.
The cotton Hakoba sarees are available in 9 colors and several designs , while the chiffon variety is available in 12 colors and even more designs and range from $23 to $75.
Started as saree fall manufacturer 17 years ago, Fujiyama Fabrics Inc. has grown into a full fledge cloth and fabric manufacturing unit . It also markets terry wool, pant lengths of high quality and plain white cloth of 5 yards length.
Shah further said that Fujiyama is planning to launch special franchise stores in Bombay , Surat , Ahmedabad, Baroda and Madras.
For more information about Fujiyama, Please call us 1-212-840-6102 or Visit the website at or email at
Hakoba Sarees by Fujiyama

Hakoba Sarees Inc. a New York based company, is the only company in the USA that specializes in the complete process of Design, Creation, Manufacturing and Marketing HAKOBA SAREES ships this unique product to the world. Mukesh Shah stands behind each of the outstanding design and color combination of HAKOBA SAREES is originally created by Mr. Mukesh Shah.