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Hakoba History


Hakoba History  
Established in 1992...
HAKOBA Sarees by Fujiyama, 
264 West 40th Street @ Time Square
Phone # 212-840-6102

Hakoba Sarees Inc. a New York based company, is the only company in the USA that specializes in the complete process of Design, Creation, Manufacturing and Marketing  HAKOBA SAREES  ships this unique product to the world. Mukesh Shah stands behind each of the outstanding design and color combination of HAKOBA SAREES  is originally created by our CEO Mr. Mukesh Shah.

Our Vision –
Our company and vision to reach out to the 20 million non-resident Indians in the USA, the UK, Middle East, Asia and Africa started over ten years back when our CEO, Mr. Mukesh Shah seeded the foundation of the company and opened the first HAKOBA SAREES store in the Times Square area of Manhattan, New York.
In 1998...
We started our on-line presence at www. with a state-of-the-art product presentation dressing reality models in our sarees and an on-line buying experience for our customers who live in remote areas of the USA and other parts of the world so they can order the sarees of their choice without having to travel to New York or ordering over the 800 line without seeing the designs and colors of the sarees. Ten years later our web-site has successfully achieved a milestone in on-line presence in the saree business with 1.5 million hits every month and 186,000 customers worldwide.Today our sarees are the word of mouth in nine out of ten Indian households in the USA, the UK and many parts of the world

In 1998...
After years of experience in the fabrics and garment business in New York City. Becoming the defecto leader in manufacturing and selling HAKOBA Sarees was our founder's vision when he launched this company. We launched our 800 toll-free phone sales and customer support service for all our USA customers to call in their orders for rapid "FREE" shipping via UPS. We also established the first street level HAKOBA Sarees retail store in the 1174, Green Street,Iselin / Edison, NJ area with the retail vision, entrepreneurial help of Mr. Bhupendra Patel. Launching of this store in Iselin was the start of a new beginning for us.

In 2007...
We opened our store in the heart of the Indian community in Long Island – on Hillside Avenue next to the famed ‘Usha Foods’ in Hickesville, New York.
We had to shut down this store in 2008 as a result of dispute regarding the ownership of Hakoba Sarees Inc.
In 2008...
We had dispute with our companie's employee regards to a OWNERSHIP of HAKOBA SAREES INC,Judgement of this ownership dispute came in favor of our CEO Mr. Mukesh Shah on March 26th 2012,During this 4 years of ownership dispute company suffered financially and business credit ability went down..
In 2010...
HAKOBA Sarees by Fujiyama,
264 West 40th Street Suite 502
New York, NY 10018
In 2012...
On March 26th,2012. Honorable judge of Supreme Court of New York Martin J. Schulman declared MUSKESH SHAH the sole shareholder and president of the New York  Corporation knows as HAKOBA SAREES, INC.
Our Future Plan-
This Diwali ..we will Indroduce "Hakoba Lady - Members Only " Plan
where Members can get cotton Hakoba and chiffon hakoba sarees ONLY for $10.99
Soon we are going mobile with our Android and iPhone App.
We have come a long ways from concept to execution to a marketing and branding success. Our expansion plans are to foray into the UK market in the dense of the Indian community in Wembley, England on Ealing Road. Opportunities for us to open in other areas of the US are plenty with LA, Chicago, Dallas, Atlanta, Boston and Houston as our next stops for retail outlets.
How we do it –
We have mastered the art of picking the right embroidery design, the right thread color, the right fabric and the right colors to match the highly discretionary tastes of our customers and by listening to them on the details of their individual tastes and then customizing our products to match our customers’ demand globally.
Our approach is to create our products from ‘cradle-to-grave’ in that we source the fabric, the threads, colors and designs for optimum manufacturing through our strong alliances around the world and bring them to the marketplace through our stores and through web-order and mail order. We scout around the world to find the raw materials with the distinct discriminating qualities that our customers appreciate.
Our strength is in paying focused attention to detail for our products and to our customers’ demands.
Our customer is the ‘Queen’ who wears our sarees and relays the message of satisfaction to us and to others either directly or through whom they received it as a gift.
We make our presence felt at key national Indian social conventions and through a dedicated media marketing program with full page spreads in national Indian publications in the USA and the UK. We have made our advertising presence felt in entertainment events by Bollywood artists at venues like the Nassau Coliseum in Long Island, New York.
If anyone is interested in opening Hakoba stores in city or country please get in touch with us at or you can call us at 212-840-6102.


Hakoba Sarees Inc. a New York based company, is the only company in the USA that specializes in the complete process of Design, Creation, Manufacturing and Marketing HAKOBA SAREES ships this unique product to the world. Mukesh Shah stands behind each of the outstanding design and color combination of HAKOBA SAREES is originally created by Mr. Mukesh Shah.