Our Fabrics

"Hakoba For Royals" is made from 100% Super fine Swiss Cotton. The yarn is extremely consistent along its length with an exceptionally fine cotton, the staple length is notably long and despite this length and finesse fibers are amazingly strong. It is then woven on the most modern looms at reduced speeds to guarantee the absolute precision and attention to detail in a highly complex movement. The sub- sequent finishing treatment, purposely designed to handle this delicate fabric, brings into sharp relief its natural silk feel and extraordinary brightness. The result is an extraordinary fine fabric that is high in strength and resplendent with an incompa- rable luster. Its natural comfort does not decay over time. On the contrary, through numerous washes the softness increases even further thereby preserving the material’s original freshness and luminosity of luxurious silk presence. For those with an ap- preciation for art, a cloth with threads spun through profound tradition, men with meticulous experience, and processed in unyielding passion. None of this would be possible without the vast innovative expertise and artistic sensibility of the Team At Hakoba that brings such a fine fabric to life.